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I am a multi media artist who has spent a large portion of my life prooving to myself that not only am I an organic artist with lots of talent in drawing, photography, water colours, poetry, performance art and film/video - I can do the design, maintenance and operational sustainability of high level administrative infrastructure. I have done so by working successfully in the Rat Race although that euphemism may be an insult to rats who probably do not lie and cheat and posture as much. Who knows. In any case, I am now half a century old in human years. I am one eglegteram in Mars Alien time measurement - which is apparently a good time to make a change. And that, my dear Blog followers is what I am gratefully and happily doing here! THANK YOU for reading, you know who you are!

The Valley of Cal Poly Pomona Greens

The Valley of Cal Poly Pomona Greens
Listen Carefully Ms La Salle

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Very Smart Woman's Household Tips

In this Crazy Life: Tips and Tricks- Part 2!: I'm overwhelmed by all of your kind words and emails asking for more tips and ideas, and for all of the wonderful tips you have left for me...

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Hey!  My new mint plant has proliferated to a point of craziness!  today I had the most pleasurable experience of harvesting ...supersonic smells of lovely humming good health inducing vibes...the mint yumminess, the piqued expectation of anticipations of warm mint tea by the fire in the winter, and at the next heat wave, yes I shall make ice mint tea with it, Thank You Creator


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Love of Words

Torn between the shift and the blazor, I recommend a running deer speckled with a pink Zebra, to the oldest but newer black tuxedo.  

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Horsey Naughty Time

I remember riding the horses in rural Quebec when it was minus thirty-five with a terrifying wind chill factor.  We didn't use saddles when it was that cold - we had to ride bareback for the warm animal contact or our legs and labia would freeze.   

The horses had winter coats like fluffy kitty cats.  The fur stuck straight out at a ninety degree angle from their skins.  It was hell to groom them - we had to sponge dry clean them and brush and brush and it took hours.  My horse was a huge honey and white spotted pinto and needless to say I spent the most time dry-cleaning, everyone else had brown or black horses.  

I had two best girlfriends that I played on the horses with.  We had experimental lustful preteen sexual relations with each other and it was incredibly exciting.  It also strengthened and spiritualized our emotional relationships with each other.  We all went to the same school, rode horses and ate, talked, learned and slept together.

Out in the bush we experienced total freedom and bliss in terms of environment.  The beauty was so huge it took over our beings and allowed us be creative and happy and to fly to any direction we saw.  The horses were an integral part of that.  The sensation of galloping a horse flat out is one of the most exhilarating and fulsome experiences on earth.  The huge live beast between your legs with pounding hooves causes massive endorphin rushes that build soul and spirit.

Translate that into our own sexual language.  We were so close to our freedom that we took turns playing with each other and learning each others’ bodies with a ferocious tenderness.  We dressed and danced and performed elaborate mating rituals with each other.  We turned one living room into our harem filled with each other.  We lived in our secret world of horses and the gentle sexing of each other and it was so fine.

Oh Horses

In my youth when I was the champion three day eventer for my age, along with my two girlfriends Sarah and Susan.

We ran the horseshows with the local chapter of the Pony Club and we won everything, all the time, it was great fun!  Lovely horses too, my favourite during that time period was Apache. He was a sixteen three hand Pinto – some kind of a Warm Blood I'm thinking in the here and now.   I didn't really know or care about the horses’ breeding back then.  But he was big boned for a pinto, certainly no Arab blood - more like oversized Quarter Horse with a bit of workhorse mixed in there somewhere.  What a lovely guy, super friendly and accommodating.  He'd let us ride two and three on his back during hayrides and sleigh-rides.

He also turned out to be a very good Three Day Event horse and actually the practise of Dressage turned out to be one of his strong points.  He looked great executing the moves in the ring; le piaffe, le passage, etc.   This was back before the larger boned dressage horses were popular again and people were in the practise of using skinny little thoroughbreds, never as magnificent looking in a full “on top of the bit” crested pose as a thick - chested all purpose hunting/war horse.

Surely there is nothing so earthly magnificent as a fully mature male super-horse, large and strong and healthy,  rising up in complete supplication  to perform a difficult but beautiful pose, in complete domination by the(usually) female human atop the handsome beast.

The lovely emotional playground for the horse and the girl, so filled with glee and excitement and gratification  - beauty, grace…all in one so simple an image, so perfect a ancient form of Art.

And riding it!  I do remember the clinch of metal teeth again towards bits, tackle, long leather straps, equipment of discipline, regulated and controlled, carefully clocked against the domination of the beast, punishment instruments finely tuned to stay just in the apex, on the edge, surely dangerous with the big animal and his trusted love, his giant metal hooves coated in steel just one push just one shove and you are